The Stichting Huisman Foundation has been incorporated on the 25th of July 2007 by Gert-Jan Huisman, Marjoke Abbo-Huisman, Rens Huisman and their partners.

The immediate cause to incorporate the Huisman Foundation was the final sickbed of the founders uncle, Mels Huisman - whose former profession has been that of a family doctor. By incorporating the foundation Mels Huisman and the related families (Huisman, Abbo) were able to leave the estate to philanthropic purposes. Mels Huisman passed away in February 2008. In 2009 the Huisman Foundation obtained its capital and started its activities.

The initiators have found the Huisman Foundation out of  a Christian motivation of involvement and responsibility for the people in need. The Huisman Foundation donates to people of all religions.

In the year of incorporation a policy document was drafted, an executive and general committee established, the status of ANBI obtained and registration at the Chamber of Commerce took place.