Thematic Focus

The real development of a region can not occur when it is restricted to one or two single areas. Sustainable development is integral and multidisciplinary. However, the Huisman Foundation can and will not operate on all subjects. Therefore the Huisman Foundation seeks cooperation with other foundations and initiatives that pursue an integrated approach.

The themes that the Huisman  Foundation will focus on particularly, match the background and expertise of the promoters. These are:

  1. Water and sanitation
  2. Sustainable energy
  3. Health and welfare
  4. Support of entrepreneurial activity

Water and sanitation

The availability of good (drinking) water and sanitation is the basis for improved welfare in many areas: health (disease prevention / diarrhea), food (agriculture and livestock watering), daily housekeeping (washing, cooking, etc.). Projects in water supply are therefore suitable to contribute to an integral improved welfare in an area.

Sustainable energy

In many developing countries, only a (small) part of the population has access to electricity. The power grid is also unreliable because of the many failures. This particularly slows down economic development. Given the vastness of many countries massive grid extension is not an option. Renewable energy, particularly solar, is a solution.

Health and welfare

In terms of health and welfare in Africa has much to gain. Malaria and AIDS have a devastating effect, people die, families are torn apart and an economically productive generation falls away. Through an appropriate treatment this misery can be prevented. Without a minimum level of health / welfare, a region can not develop sustainably.

Support of entrepreneurial activity

Poverty can ultimately only be tackled through stable economic development; by developing business and entrepreneurship. Microcredits and the deployment of new technologies (e.g. mobile communications, broadband wireless technology) can contribute to sustainable poverty reduction. The embedding of the development (aid) in the market economy gives the best chance of continuity and self-reliance.