Basic principles

The Huisman Foundation believes that an integral, multidisciplinary approach is the best way to achieve an improvement in welfare for poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Huisman Foundation specializes in a number of issues and seeks cooperation with other foundations that pursue similar goals. In that context, the Huisman Foundation financially supports projects of other foundations.

The Huisman Foundation assesses a request for a financial contribution for a project at least on  the following principles:

  1. Answering to a specific need of the local population (demand-driven)
  2. Connecting with local culture
  3. Enforceable by the local population
  4. Embedded in a comprehensive, integrated approach
  5. Ensuring continuity and ensuring a sustainable embedding
  6. Contributing to the goals of the Foundation

A contribution will generally not be higher than around €15.000,--. The positive or negative decision regarding a request is a consideration of the General Committee of the Huisman Foundation. Before handing over such a request we advise you to contact the Huisman Foundation first (