The Huisman Foundation, founded on the 25th of July 2007, is an asset maintaining foundation, using its capital and return on investment to reach its goal. The goal of the Huisman Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people in developing countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. We prefer a market-oriented, demand-driven and multi-disciplinary approach.

The Huisman Foundation is focusing on five themes in particular: water and sanitation, renewable energy, health, education and the support of entrepreneurial activity.






Income generating activities are vital to reduce poverty. Moreover, these activities have the highest chance to be continued by the involved people. The Huisman Foundation has direct investments in a milk factory and a fodder factory in Tigray (Ethiopia. These projects are in the phase of (late) construction. Read more.



In different areas of Tigray (Ethiopia), together with partners (Woord&Daad, Tear, Idea, Kale Heywot Church, Mekelle University) we are establishing a manual drilling sector, including the whole supply chain. Six drilling enterprises are set up and trained. Two metal shops/welding workshops and two pump manufacturers / installers are trained. A feasiblity map for the whole of Tigray will be drafted. A bank/ Micro Finance Institution will be involved to provide loans. A social marketing strategy will be set up and implemented to stimulate demand. This will make it possible for people to realize low-cost self supply for drinking water or irrigation use. Approximately 200 wells will be drilled. Read more.


In another project we support the restoring of the functionality of water supply systems (by SNV, Woord&Daad), also in Tigray (Ethiopia). The non-functionality of many water supply systems is a big problem in this region. In this project a.o. 480 WASHCOs (user committees, estimated 72.000 beneficiaries) will be capacitated to keep their own system functional in the long term. Four local service providers will be set up and trained. The supply chain for spare parts will be established at local level. Governments will be trained to fulfill a supportive role and to do regular quality monitoring. Read more.


Primary healthcare:

The most cost-effective way to improve health in many developing countries is to focus on primary healthcare. The Huisman Foundation has been involved in activities on basic healthcare in/around Enda Selassie (Tigray, Ethiopia), i.c.: coaching of 4 health centers, model program for basic healthcare, drinking water supply, sanitation & hygiene, etc. Sensitation on hygiene is a key element within the program. Read more.