Computers serving a partnership between Dutch and South African churches, Redelinghuys, South Africa.

Since 2008 a partnership has been existing between the Dutch Reformed Church in Dirksland and two churches in Redelinghuys (South Africa), the United Reformed Church (VGK) and Nederduits Reformed Church (NGK). Within this triangular relationship cooperation and exchanges between the 'colored church' (VGK) and the 'white church' (NGK) take place, which is not usual. The aim is to ensure this relationship works for all three churches in terms of (spiritual) growth and community (market) development.

The development for the church in Dirksland will be particularly on the spiritual side and for the communities in Redelinghuys on the socio-economic side. The computers are meant to facilitate communications between the partners and are also used for youth work.

With the contribution of the Huisman Foundation (€ 4000,--) some computers were purchased in South-Africa.