How we work

The Huisman Foundation operates according to a carefully chosen strategy and focus.

The geographical focus of the Huisman Foundation is Sub-Sahara Africa. Within Sub-Sahara Africa we will select a few regions in which we will try to establish a longlasting, sustainable presence. Click here to read more about the geographical focus of the Huisman Foundation.

Sustainable development can not be realized when improvements are restricted to one or two single areas. However, the Huisman Foundation will operate on a few areas only. Therefore it will seek cooperation with foundations/organisations active in complementary fields. The Huisman Foundation will focus on water&sanitation, sustainable energy, health&welfare and stimulating entrepreneurship. Click here to read more about the thematic focus of the Huisman Foundation.

In line with its philosophy, strategy and policy the Huisman Foundation formulated basic principles to decide on requests for funding and/or cooperation. Click here to read more about the basic principles the Huisman Foundation applies.

The Huisman Foundation is an asset managing foundation not aimed at making a profit. The investment strategy, acceptable risks, the annual budget to be used for usufruct, etc. is based on the foundation's financial policy. Click here to read more about the financial policy of the Huisman Foundation.