Water & Sanitation

Access to safe and clean (drinking) water and basic sanitation (WASH) is vital for people. An adverse WASH situation leads among others to high mortality among children under five, waterborne diseases and food insecurity.

The Sustainable Development Goal 6 is about ensuring availability of water and sanitation. The MDG6 aims, by 2030, to:

  • achieve universal and equitable access to safe drinking water for all;
  • achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all;
  • improve water quality by reducing pollution;
  • reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity;
  • implement Integrated Water Resouces Management; and
  • protect and restore water-related ecosystems, expand international cooperation and strengthen participation of local communities in improving water and sanitation management.


The Huisman Foundation wants to contribute to the realization of SDG6. The Huisman Foundation is / was involved in the following projects in the field of water.

Safe Water Supply through manual drilling, Tigray, Ethiopia

In Tigray a manual drilling sector will be set up. Through low cost manual drilling many people will be provided with safe and sufficient drinking water/potable water. Start ups will be trained and a manual drilling program will be established. Read more about this project.

restoring water supply system functionality in Tigray, Ethiopia

The non-functionality of many water supply systems in Tigray is a big problem. In this project for 480 water supply systems the right conditions will be created for (72.000) people to keep their own system functional in the long term. Want to read more about this project?

Siphon filter, Zambia (Connect International).

Part of a larger project in four African countries. The main objective is to develop a marketing and business model to introduce the Siphon filter. A secondary aim of the pilot in Zambia is to provide water of good quality for more than 25.000 people (household). Read more about this project

Sanitation, Njombe and Ludewa, Tanzania (Connect International).

In this project 12.500 people in Tanzania (Njombe and Ludewa) gain access to improved sanitation and education about hygiene. Read more about this project