Sustainable energy

In many developing countries, only a (small) part of the population has access to electricity. The power grid is also unreliable because of the many failures. This particularly slows down economic development. Given the vastness of many countries massive grid extension is not an option. Renewable energy, particularly solar, is a solution.  

The Huisman Foundation is / was involved in the following projects in the field of sustainable energy.

Jatropha outreach project in Macha, Zambia.

In rural Zambia only 2% of the people have access to the electricity grid. Macha Works has started an ambitious outreach project to empower local farmers to take a lead in Jatropha growing as near future power solution to cover their own energy consumption. The ambition is to grow Jatropha in a way that avoids negative impact to food production or impact to the water system by using Jatropha as fences, intercropping with nuts, soya or other sellable products and avoid irrigation. Read more about this project.

Solar facility internet cafe, Chitokoloki, Zambia (Macha Works / LinkNet).

An internet cafe that uses low-energy computers will be equipped with solar panels (Chitokoloki, Zambia). Local talent can thrive by using internet / ICT solutions. Through a revolving fund similar initiatives elsewhere will be funded. Read more about this project.