Training farmers in Igede (Nigeria)

Project Area

Igede is a small tribe in Nigeria located in the Middle Belt (region) of the country. It has an estimated population of about 400,000 people, mainly farmers in a typical rural setting. About 98% of the population lives below the poverty level.

Agricultural project

With an agricultural project Elim will empower farmers by improving their farming skills, marketing , and by providing upgraded seeds. As a great percentage of the population is farmer, this project will in the future have a lot of impact on the economic situation in the area.

Training farmers

Several activities have already been done in 2011, like registration of cooperative societies, a  market survey and a baseline survey. However, the official start of the project will last until August 2012, when donor money will become available. The Huisman Foundation donates € 2000,-- for Elim to organize some trainings for community members in advance, facilitating them to start applying the gained knowledge during the coming farming season,starting February 2012.