How you can help?!

You can help! Do you have a suggestion, do you seek a cooperation or do you just have a question? Let us know and contact us at:

Do you want to financially support us and our projects? This can be done by making a donation to:

ABN AMRO Bank No.,
IBAN code NL30ABNA0433294558,

The Huisman Foundation is a public welfare institution (ANBI). So Dutch donators get a tax refund on donations to our foundation. The costs the Huisman Foundation makes are negligible. From incorporation on the annual general costs (overhead) amounted to a total of 0.15 - 0.20 %.

The Huisman Foundation is familiar with most ways to double its contributions to projects.


Financing your projects:

The Huisman Foundation aims to establish structural, longlasting relations with foundations also involved in development aid in Sub Sahara Africa. That’s why we spend the vast majority of our budget on projects from partners already within our network. In case we are not familiar with your organization or your project is situated outside of Sub Sahara Africa, the chance is almost zero that we will grant your proposal.