Renumeration policy

The Huisman Foundation has approved upon a remuneration policy . The general policy plan 2014 states "The board doesn’t receive any reward , but can invoice expenses incurred on the basis of real costs." .

The policy on the ‘expense allowance and volunteer fee’ has been approved upon by the General Committee at their meeting of November the 25th, 2010. It is included in the general Policy Plan 2014. The framework of this policy is formed by the conditions imposed by the Dutch Tax Authority on the payment of such a volunteer fee. Board members can invoice their expenses incurred on the basis of real costs . When a member of the Executive or General Committee is working for the Huisman Foundation for several hours each week, a volunteer fee can be paid ( EUR 4.50 per hour, far below a market-based  hourly compensation. Up to max EUR 1500 p.a.) upon request. The  members of the General Committee can receive a compensation (‘vacatievergoeding’) of € 50 per meeting . The General Committee of the Huisman Foundation meets once a year.

Because the Huisman Foundation doesn’t pay out any reward to its board members (and hardly has other costs), the foundation works with very low overhead. This means that almost all of the available budget for charity projects reaches these projects in developing countries. In recent years the overall costs of the Huisman Foundation amounted between 0.20 – 0.25 % of the total assets.