Other projects

Occasionally, the Huisman Foundation also supports projects that do not (specifically) fall within any of the aforementioned themes.

The Huisman Foundation is / was involved in the following projects in diverse fields.

Computers serving a relationship between South African and Dutch churches.

A partnership is established between three churches in South Africa and the Netherlands. This relationship works for all three churches/ communities in terms of (spiritual) growth and market development. The computers are designed to facilitate communication. Read more about this project

Support twinning relationship between two churches in Redelinghuys, South Africa

Maintaining a good understanding among churches is not a common practice in South Africa, as it is elsewhere... In Redelinghuys two churches are turning the tide. The framework in which these activities take place is a broader partnership (a triangular relationship) with the Dutch Reformed Church in Dirksland and the two churches in Redelinghuys (South Africa), the United Reformed Church (VGK) and Nederduits Reformed Church (NGK). The Huisman Foundation supports mutual activities of these two South African churches. Read more about this project.

Training of farmers in Igede, Nigeria

With an agricultural project Elim will empower farmers in Igede (Nigeria) by improving their farming skills, marketing, and by providing upgraded seeds. Read more about this project.